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Lead Abatement
Thousands of hours in the field
Ensuring Health & Safety

Lead is naturally found in the environment and commonly used in manufactured products such as paints and fuels. Lead is a poisonous substance to humans and no exposure level is considered safe. High Lead level exposures can do permanent damage to the nervous system and can accumulate in tissues and bones.

Caliber Environmental personnel have performed lead abatement projects for a vast array of clientele across Ontario, including Lead Paint Removals, and Lead Dust cleanups in industrial and manufacturing facilities. We have also performed Heavy Metal Dust clean-ups in various facilities.

Caliber management and supervisory personnel collectively have over 40 years experience in this field. All site supervisors have attended a Lead Abatement Training course and have thousands of hours of experience in the field.

We are using a combination of chemical coating removal techniques and/or blasting techniques to perform our Lead abatement work. Often our blasting techniques are the method of choice due to the volume we can perform and final product we leave upon completion.

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