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Media Blasting
Caliber Environmental offers four varieties of blasting
Four Different

Media Blasting is an environmental technique that uses a stream of abrasive and non-abrasive materials propelled under high pressure air or water to remove a coating from a substrate. For instance, sandblasting is method of using high pressure air and sand (different levels of abrasive sand available) to remove paint from a non-porous surface that the client wishes to keep and not remove (i.e. concrete or steel).

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Sandblasting is a media used in a variety of scopes of work to typically remove well adhered coatings from highly rigid and dense substrates.

When using sand, we can remove extremely well adhered and course coatings while at the same time leaving the surface ready for another coating application when the blasting process has been completed. Sand blasting is often the method of choice for removing paints from steel or profiling substrates prior to coating them again.

Dry-Ice Blasting is used in a wide variety of applications.

One of the main advantages of dry-ice blasting is the zero production of secondary waste. Secondary waste is waste created by the blasting media once used against the substrate. Once Dry Ice encounters a substrate, it sublimates; going from a solid to a gas. We most commonly use dry ice to remove mould from porous substrates. We have also used dry ice to remove baked on foods from food moulds, cleaning smoke damaged structures/electronics and mechanical equipment.

Soda Blasting is a commonly used blasting technique involved in fire restoration and for the cleaning of food manufacturing equipment.

We perform multiple soda blasting projects each year, saving the exterior facades of buildings from being removed and disposed of due to smoke damage. We also help restore some of our customers forms in their manufacturing facilities. Soda is used mainly as a delicate cleaning process. It’s a media that can be used on substrates that the end user wishes to maintain the integrity of while properly removing the current coating.

Wet blasting is a blasting technique that uses a combination of water, high pressure air and media to remove a coating from a substrate.

This method is excellent for removing paint on exterior applications and fire damage from some substrates. It is also an effective way to keep dust levels to a minimum while performing blasting work. Conventional sand blasting can be extremely dusty and often requires enclosures due to airborne contamination. Wet blasting often negates that requirement as it inherently suppresses dust as part of its process while using little water.

Wet Blasting also has tendency to absorb some of the initial impact of the media hitting the substrate. This is another way of not damaging the substrate while removing any contaminants or unwanted items from it.

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