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Mould Abatement
One of the Most Prevalent

Mould growth in buildings has become one of the most prevalent health and safety issues to date. The effects of mould growth on the human body vary from person to person. Mould abatement projects, like asbestos abatement projects, must be contained, controlled, and be dealt with properly at all times. Currently the EACO guidelines outline how to perform mould abatement safely. Caliber Environmental strictly follows and endorses the E.A.C.O. Guidelines in accordance with consultant specifications while performing mould abatement work. The volume and quality of work performed in this field, as well as the technical expertise of our management is second to none in the environmental industry.

Caliber Environmental Mould Abatement
Levels of Work with Mould Abatement
Three Levels

Level 1, 2, and 3 work directly correlates with the size of the material in need of abatement. In order to determine what is needed to be abated, it is imperative to have an environmental consultant perform a site inspection, intrusive investigation and or air sampling prior to any abatement work.

Mould Abatement Level 1

Level 1 work generally does not require an enclosure unless Infectious Control Procedures are necessary.

It is inclusive of a total of no more than 10 square feet of abated material. Personnel performing the abatement work wear a Tyvek suit, a Half Face respirator and hand and eye protection They lay drop sheets below the work area and have a HEPA vacuum present for the work. Once the material has been abated, they perform the necessary cleaning and remove the site controls.

Mould Abatement Level 2

Level 2 abatement work requires an enclosure.

Level 2 denotes that the materials to be removed are in between 10 and 100 square feet. It is generally accepted that the personnel performing the work should be wearing a Full Faced respirator, a Tyvek suit and hand protection. Depending on the size of the enclosure, either a HEPA vacuum or negative air machine must be present to provide negative air pressure. Once the material has been abated, the site personnel will perform a general cleaning and upon inspection, will take down the enclosure.

Mould Abatement Level 3

Level 3 abatement work always requires an enclosure, a two chambered decontamination area and negative air machines.

Level 3 denotes that the materials to be removed are in excess of 100 square feet. The personnel performing the work must wear a Full Faced respirator, hand protection and a Tyvek suit. Once the material has been removed, the personnel carry out a detailed cleaning of the area. It is also imperative that an environmental consultant perform an air quality test prior to the dismantling of the enclosure.

Improve Abatement Procedures

Caliber can provide innovative ways to perform Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3 abatement procedures and will coordinate with our clients to perform the work. Our company performs Mould Abatement in such areas as illegal housing and apartment grow ops, courthouses, schools, government properties, hospitals, commercial, residential, industrial, and high-rise buildings.

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